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Destructive World Gaming's OWNER/CEO Richard a.k.a. Sin Art


     I was at the Microsoft store in the Westchester Mall for the midnight release party of bungie’s new game Destined, and man it was a part. Now I don't know if you have ever been to the Microsoft store within the Westchester Mall,, but right in front of the store they have two 50 inch TVs back to back surrounded by cushioned seating. One side is set up with an Xbox One and the other side is set up for PC gaming; which is open to the general public to play. So unlike “GameStop” or “BestBuy” where you have to wait outside, you're indoors and you are able to play while you wait. Now, this being my first time at a Microsoft store and to a midnight release within one of the stores I was amazed. From the excited staff greeting me at the door with a swag bag filled with goodies to the free pizza and soda; oh, and let me not forget about the Raffles. Everyone got a raffle ticket on their way and throughout the night a random ticket was picked and you were a winner. Not just one winner but four. The prizes vary but, at this one they give away a $25 iTunes gift card, a 12 month Xbox live Gold membership, Xbox one controller, and a Turtle Beach headset for the grand prize. The time being allowed to play with anything in the store, including the story mode of destined on 10 GAEMS G-190 Vanguard Black Edition setup.  Like I said man it was a party.


     Now as opportunity would see it the community development specialist Cindy was there hosting the event. I seen this as an opportunity and decided not to let it go to waste. I set up a meeting with Cindy to discuss the opportunity of destructive world gaming hosting tournaments and events within the Microsoft stores. So my fellow gamers these are exciting times, with the upcoming release of the industry's biggest titles and with the future potential of destructive world gaming hosting tournaments and events within the Microsoft stores.


"I went to go pick up a game called destiny and may have just walked into my own."

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